Olivia Rodrigo - Deja Vu (Lyrics)

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Olivia Rodrigo - Deja Vu (Lyrics) - After her huge success with "Drivers License" Olivia Rodrigo is back with a new song "Deja Vu" and it's breathtaking!
Do you get deja vu when she's with you?
Do you get deja vu, hmm? (Ha)
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🎤 Lyrics:
[Verse 1]
Car rides to Malibu
Strawberry ice cream, one spoon for two
And trading jackets
Laughing 'bout how small it looks on you (Ah-ha-ha-ha)
Watching reruns of Glee
Bein’ annoying, singing in harmony
I bet she's braggin' to all her friends
Saying you’re so unique (Huh)
So when you gonna tell her
That we did that too? She thinks it's special
But it's all re-used
That was our place, I found it first
I made the jokes you tell to her
When she's with you
Do you get deja vu when she's with you?
Do you get deja vu, hmm? (Ha)
Do you get deja vu, huh?
[Verse 2]
Do you call her, almost say my name?
'Cause let's be honest, we kinda do sound the same
Another actress, I hate to think that I was just your type
And I bet that she knows Billy Joel
'Cause you played her "Uptown Girl"
You’re singing it together
Now I bet you even tell her how you love her
In between the chorus and the verse
So when you gonna tell her
That we did that too? She thinks it’s special
But it's all re-used
That was the show we talked about
Played you the songs she’s singing now
When she's with you
Do you get deja vu when she's with you?
Do you get deja vu? (Huh)
Do you get deja vu?
Strawberry ice cream in Malibu
Don't act like we didn’t do that shit too
You're trading jackets like we used to do
(Yeah, everything is all re-used)
Play her piano, but she doesn't know
That I was the one who taught you Billy Joel
A different girl now, but there's nothing new
I know you get deja vu
I know you get deja vu
I know you get deja vu
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The Vibe Guide
  • The Vibe Guide

    The Vibe Guide

    12 giorni fa

    Where are you from? 🌍🌏🌎
    And sorry about the wrong lyrics @ 2:27, it should be:
    That was the show we talked about
    Played you the songs she’s singing now

    • Lightning McDeutschland

      Lightning McDeutschland

      8 ore fa


    • brian curran

      brian curran

      2 giorni fa

      @Rana Adel 1qqqqqqqq

    • Emilee Arner

      Emilee Arner

      4 giorni fa

      I heard this song and I can't stop crying😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • edgyemo ツ

      edgyemo ツ

      4 giorni fa


    • Marci Fam

      Marci Fam

      4 giorni fa

      Iowa US

  • Jaiden Jennings

    Jaiden Jennings

    9 ore fa

    Olivia Rodrigo has a good singing voice

  • afiqah sazali

    afiqah sazali

    19 ore fa

    She’s so talented

  • ha ha anime thigh goes brr

    ha ha anime thigh goes brr

    Giorno fa

    Not gonna lie, the lyrics are toxic af

  • Nnenne Olivia

    Nnenne Olivia

    Giorno fa

    just covered this song if anyone wants to check it out ♡

  • Haatim Shand

    Haatim Shand

    Giorno fa

    00:53it reminds me of another song and I can’t remember what it is , it’s vexing me soo much

  • Alizet Suchite

    Alizet Suchite

    Giorno fa

    Damn this girl needa move on i would jss be like f**k this and she’s done 2 songs jss to get her exes attention 🙄

  • Celine Terra

    Celine Terra

    Giorno fa

    *dates for 2 seconds*
    Olivia dedicates a whole album to her ex:

  • Shinozaki Hazuya

    Shinozaki Hazuya

    Giorno fa

    When you want to hurt your boyfriend’s new girl but end up hurting yourself when you all the old memories hit you

  • Theresa Massaquoi

    Theresa Massaquoi

    2 giorni fa

    I honestly thought I was listening to Taylor for a second 😳❤️ I had to double check!

  • Ianee Ree

    Ianee Ree

    2 giorni fa

    For me, it doesn't matter if you were the first person he ever did those things with. The question is, was yours the best memory even if you were the first?

  • BreeAnna Leone

    BreeAnna Leone

    2 giorni fa

    i love this song

  • •LittleEri


    2 giorni fa

    Some of the lyrics are wrong rip-

  • summer a

    summer a

    3 giorni fa

    Song’s good, lyrics too petty



    3 giorni fa

    I’m not even into believing tabloids but this feels like she moved into the anger stage of her Grief... she was in denial on driver’s license.

  • maki


    3 giorni fa

    tbh this song is kinda toxic i said what i said

  • Natalie Briggs

    Natalie Briggs

    3 giorni fa

    This is olivias heart before with Joshua and after: 💕💙💜💗💖💖💞💚💓💘💝👩‍❤️‍👨🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • Natalie Briggs

    Natalie Briggs

    3 giorni fa

    I like old school beat like idk if that’s even old school 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍💙💜🖤🖤🖤🖤💔

  • Natalie Briggs

    Natalie Briggs

    3 giorni fa

    And I love the beat

  • Natalie Briggs

    Natalie Briggs

    3 giorni fa

    U know fuck that blonde girl that stole josh from Olivia,Olivia is heart broken what did she do??? Olivia is better with out josh I know it just takes time I had a bf he cheat on me 😔😞😪🙍‍♀️

  • Izzy Marie

    Izzy Marie

    3 giorni fa

    Josua listening to this 😬🤭

  • Holy Water

    Holy Water

    3 giorni fa

    This give me vibe of dating someone younger than me 💀🤚🏻 like when you teach them what is love and then they love someone else but you

  • tian


    3 giorni fa


  • rina fantasy

    rina fantasy

    4 giorni fa

    I think she the one that are not move on🙄

  • Lara Kash

    Lara Kash

    4 giorni fa

    i love this song.

  • Yes, I am in love with myself.

    Yes, I am in love with myself.

    4 giorni fa

    This is the second phase of a break up; Jealousy.

  • Creating Wonders

    Creating Wonders

    4 giorni fa

    She savage for this

  • blehblehbleh


    4 giorni fa

    a lot of people hating tiktok for ruining a song and for me, its literally help a lot of artists got recognition. we could see a lot of way to enjoy the same song. and yes, some song dont need a dance, but nonetheless it helped the algorithm. and dont tell me tht they only heard the song bcs of trend, A TREND. its supposed to be like tht lmao.

  • kashieca kreencia

    kashieca kreencia

    4 giorni fa

    that was our place.

  • Ghada Al Adwan

    Ghada Al Adwan

    4 giorni fa

    I love this song 💘

  • Daylight


    5 giorni fa

    I love how the song progressively becomes chaotic mirroring the realization that she’s probably not as special as her ex made her out to be and just like the lyric, she may just be his “type”.

  • minhos airfryer

    minhos airfryer

    5 giorni fa

    *sad twerking*

  • A N G E R Y. M A U S

    A N G E R Y. M A U S

    5 giorni fa

    Initial d, girl version

  • mozn tagelsir

    mozn tagelsir

    5 giorni fa


  • Nafeesa Kushairi

    Nafeesa Kushairi

    5 giorni fa

    me who always get deja vu 😭

  • A G

    A G

    5 giorni fa

    Lyrics at 2:29 are wrong

  • arii bella

    arii bella

    5 giorni fa

    the lyrics are off

  • amelia tav

    amelia tav

    5 giorni fa

    i’ve listened to this song so much i think it’s unhealthy! #bestsongever

  • Avocado


    5 giorni fa

    You got some of the lyrics wrong.

  • Fazrina Musah

    Fazrina Musah

    5 giorni fa

    so when you gonna tell her, that we did that too? she think it’s special, but it’s all reused

  • awhitsrania


    6 giorni fa

    the fact that a pick me girl destroyed our bond is worse

  • Breanna Medley

    Breanna Medley

    6 giorni fa


  • cute squad yt

    cute squad yt

    6 giorni fa

    Her totally ignoring she was on bazardvark

  • LouAnne Stylinson

    LouAnne Stylinson

    6 giorni fa

    "Deja vou" as a french people it sounds funny 😭

  • lucie


    6 giorni fa

    this song is trash -. She is so toxic like leave them alone sis

    • Hi ・ᴗ・

      Hi ・ᴗ・

      4 giorni fa


    • tessa rxmrd

      tessa rxmrd

      6 giorni fa


  • Rayan Tosio

    Rayan Tosio

    7 giorni fa

    The lyrics are wrong oml 2:25

  • Anthony


    7 giorni fa

    I’m always hanging around with lyric videos feeling myself , and singing with it. But I know damn well my voice is just straight up *crap🤣

  • Kallee McLaughlin

    Kallee McLaughlin

    7 giorni fa

    sounds like a taylor song!!

  • Anya Madhireddy

    Anya Madhireddy

    8 giorni fa

    Ok this song slaps but how do Sabrina and Olivia sound the same because she says let’s be honest we kinda do sound the same

  • shy


    8 giorni fa

    Hmm Sabrina and Olivia kinda dooo sound the same 🤔

  • Angelina Bassler

    Angelina Bassler

    8 giorni fa

    This song is a vibee

  • little bunny

    little bunny

    8 giorni fa

    Mmmmm is olivia still singing about sabrina carpenter

  • little bunny

    little bunny

    8 giorni fa

    Wow vibe guide you really warm my heart.big fan

  • Luck Nut

    Luck Nut

    9 giorni fa

    This is not the deja vu in my mind

  • Farz 00

    Farz 00

    9 giorni fa

    Listen to Glad we broke up- kayden

  • Mark Parkey

    Mark Parkey

    9 giorni fa

    (( this one, , , ))

  • Misaki Yamagata

    Misaki Yamagata

    9 giorni fa

    Who’s here trying to hear her whisper “I love you”?
    Liv said she whispered but only certain people could hear it.

  • Jessica Amador

    Jessica Amador

    9 giorni fa


  • editsbyhoran -s

    editsbyhoran -s

    9 giorni fa

    “One spoon for two”
    *Liam leaving the chat*

  • Foxy Plays Minecraft,Fortnite&More

    Foxy Plays Minecraft,Fortnite&More

    9 giorni fa

    True Fact: when she mentions do you get deja vu when shes with you, shes talking about the blonde girl from drivers license

  • Hira Ahmed

    Hira Ahmed

    9 giorni fa

    this song is cuel summer's child and im living for it🥺❤️

  • Potato Goddess

    Potato Goddess

    9 giorni fa

    Olivia Sabrina :0000

  • fun with Aeiza

    fun with Aeiza

    9 giorni fa

    This is an another version of drivers licence

  • Melek Yıldız

    Melek Yıldız

    9 giorni fa

    2:27 false lrcyis💀

  • Cloudi Angel_tt

    Cloudi Angel_tt

    9 giorni fa

    -people twerking-
    Me: T-T bruh... This makes me rock my head slowly to the beat. 👌🏼

  • HS Uni Gaming YT

    HS Uni Gaming YT

    9 giorni fa

    Sab wrote 1 Song abt her saying she wanted to be friends... her tryna act victim sarcastically: can’t wait for epi 3 of drivers license 😂 lmao

  • Miss Mal

    Miss Mal

    9 giorni fa

    2:29 you messed up the lyrics :/

  • Abraham Reuel

    Abraham Reuel

    9 giorni fa

    2:28 you made a mistake with the lyrics

  • Fleur Baby

    Fleur Baby

    9 giorni fa

    she sings like Billie Eilish

  • slime con

    slime con

    9 giorni fa

    the beginning of this song sounds like coffee breath by sofia mills

  • rainie bxtch

    rainie bxtch

    9 giorni fa

    Ppl really think she has great music omg

  • Teba waked

    Teba waked

    10 giorni fa

    This song is a masterpiece

  • caligirl92


    10 giorni fa

    @2:28 the is a typo. The lyrics don’t match up or you just skipped some lyrics

  • Flony Tabares

    Flony Tabares

    10 giorni fa

    This song is everything i can't'

    • hsd287


      8 giorni fa

      Its a song 😅

  • Dezia Robinson

    Dezia Robinson

    10 giorni fa

    we not gonna talk about how they messed up with the lyrics at 2:27

  • mega_hwan25


    10 giorni fa

    not the wrong lyrics-

  • Izzy Haak

    Izzy Haak

    10 giorni fa

    um did you know that in the second verse in i told you the jokes its dosent say that tho'

  • a a

    a a

    10 giorni fa

    Ok.. atp olivia just looks obsessed..

  • Keleigh Lippert palladino

    Keleigh Lippert palladino

    10 giorni fa

    This is crap

  • Indigo Elliott

    Indigo Elliott

    10 giorni fa

    My mom got band from hertz

  • hsd287


    11 giorni fa

    Lovely ❤ but just correct the lyrics some are wrong

  • Ashley Harrison

    Ashley Harrison

    11 giorni fa

    Katherina to Stefan : “I know you get deja- vu “ 😞

  • dab or die trying

    dab or die trying

    11 giorni fa

    sending this to my ex and hoping he'll actually give me the time of day to listen

  • Sophia Huet

    Sophia Huet

    11 giorni fa

    Essa foi pra fuder o coração heim

  • Sia Gramy

    Sia Gramy

    11 giorni fa

    Strawberry ice cream just for two

  • alexandra lock

    alexandra lock

    11 giorni fa

    the lyrics at 2:33 are wrong

  • Gabriella Goyette

    Gabriella Goyette

    11 giorni fa

    Dang this is fire

  • sarote . 3 years ago

    sarote . 3 years ago

    11 giorni fa

    Sad twerking

  • Anais Soliz

    Anais Soliz

    11 giorni fa

    She organized this so well

  • Alexa Hyler

    Alexa Hyler

    11 giorni fa

    Ummm... y’all know they got the lyrics wrong in verse 2

  • Haris Qadeer

    Haris Qadeer

    11 giorni fa

    Btw the last 2 lines on the second pre chorus are wrong .., just thought I’d point it out haha

  • Wendy YIN

    Wendy YIN

    11 giorni fa

    Olivia Sabrina holy shit she right

  • Emma Schultz

    Emma Schultz

    11 giorni fa

    What's with the twerking comments

  • Aliah Hidalgo

    Aliah Hidalgo

    11 giorni fa

    Olivia's songs are really horrible I just hate them meh

    • Aliah Hidalgo

      Aliah Hidalgo

      11 giorni fa

      @Maddie Tasker huh?????

    • Maddie Tasker

      Maddie Tasker

      11 giorni fa


  • you’re so golden

    you’re so golden

    11 giorni fa


  • Jeweled


    11 giorni fa

    Anyone notice that she whispers "I love you" at 2:12 ?

  • teri-sama


    11 giorni fa

    what app did you use? ;-;

  • Audrey Aldea

    Audrey Aldea

    11 giorni fa

    Can you hear the "I love you" in like 2:13?

  • Ziva Pavitt

    Ziva Pavitt

    11 giorni fa

    "another actress" SABRINA

    • Ziva Pavitt

      Ziva Pavitt

      11 giorni fa

      And she can sing

  • Thevatharshini Tiruchellven

    Thevatharshini Tiruchellven

    11 giorni fa

    Don't ya think she sounds like Billie Eilish?? 👀 👀👀I mean the way she sings this song is like Billie ❤️ her so much 😊